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Founded in 2012, CME Agency, based in the social media hotbed of Los Angeles, has moved quickly to establish creative relationships with many of today's top creators. We represent and or manage over 300 social media influencers, connecting them with hundreds of brands across all platforms in all categories including fashion, beauty, fitness, nutrition, personal care, gaming & technology and lifestyle. We are dedicated to delivering results to each and every one of our clients with the highest degree of professionalism and attentive service. CME Agency is your conduit to the right talent that best fit your brand. The end result being reaching desireable consumers with the right message. 

Our mission is to manage the relationships between your campaigns and our creators as seamlessly as possible so that you don't have to. We are your one point of contact whether your campaign features one influencer or one hundred. 


Sean Cummings
Kaeo Black
Isa Valencia

Founder & CEO

Brand Manager/Agent

Creative Director/Agent

""Our agency, ultimately, is your agency. CME AGENCY is designed to be an asset, serving all your social media marketing  and brand development needs.  We were founded  on the philosiphy of service above and beyond anything else. With that being said, how may we be of service to you, today?"

"My job, simply put, is to make your's easier. I am your personal contact, dedicated to servicing all of your social media marketing needs, from start to finish.  Through me, you will be able to connect and communicate with the right influencers best suited to market and grow your brand."

"It's my responsibility to work closely with our talented content creators to create the compelling content used to market your brands on Instagram, YouTubet, Facebook and TikTok. Nothing is more important to me than properly representing your brand on social media."


How may we help you? Contact us!

CME Agency LLC

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Los Angeles, CA 90014

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